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Руководитель проекта

ЗАО BitFlow


Whether you are a fast growing credit agency, payment processor, lending providers, supply chain finance company, or an established bank, with BitFlow, you can identify and nurture your organization’s competitive advantage, accelerate your solution development, and be well equipped to compete in today’s disruptive digital economy vigorously.

Our mission is to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of their respective industries by providing them with an advance in vogue digital technology developed by utilizing our years of experience, deep industry expertise and a team of dedicated top engineering talents.



BitFlow is a software development company which focuses on FinTech and financial service industries with the aim of offering unmatched digital advancement including big data, artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and machine learning to both SMEs and large corporations.

Given the continual disruption in technology and financial services, to beat your competition, you need a partner who has top-notch FinTech software engineering expertise with the ability to quickly understand your problems and provide lasting solutions that meet your technical requirements.

Luckily, here at BitFlow, we work closely with our clients to empower their businesses with innovative technologies that help them keep pace with trending market demands.



  • When there is a need to integrate third-party payment services to your online marketplace.

  • When you want your business to offer a cashless or cardless payment option

  • When you want to get more business insight by restructuring your financial data

  • When you are going through a financial digital transformation phase and need engineering backup

  • When you want to be able to access your financial services from anywhere

  • When you have multiple FinTech projects and want to manage them seamlessly



BitFlow solves clients’ toughest challenge by providing unmatched services and FinTech solution in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Our software development specialization for financial industry cuts across the following:

  • Blockchain

We offer Advance, secure, and domain-specific technology for cryptocurrency trading to help you accelerate your business operations

  • Trading Technologies

BitFlow creates professional trading software, infrastructure, and user data solution to enhance your real-time trade capability.

  • Chatbot

BitFlow enables financial service providers to engage, acquire, and retain customers using our integrated AI-powered chatbots.  

  • DevOps and Cloud

We provide outsourced infrastructures that equip your organization with the ability to offer a cloud-based SaaS model

  • Big Data/Data Science/Data Analytics

BitFlow offers access to real-time functionality using enhances big data, data science, and data analytics.  

  • Startups

Equipped with deep industry insight and a team of professional engineers, BitFlow is a perfect partner for FinTech startups

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